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Shiva Time is a movement to enjoy life. 
This is the birth of many projects to enrich
humanity in all aspects.


(Art summit by guru and photos taken by local Chattanooga photographers. ) Shiva image is not repressing a religion, it's meant too show diversity in Chattanooga,Tennessee.


star list for next year.jpg

      The most important idea behind the Enlightened Culture Festival is that all the culture around the world is unique. Not to mention, Chattanooga’s local artist need a platform to reach a new fan base. So the solution to most of the problems is more festivals to get people together for one reason, great music and fun. Non stop fun!




      This year we will not have the 6 day extravaganza instead we will have a 1 day fundraiser on December 21st. This epic fundraiser is like the seed for the full event next year.



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